The Lost Chapter


God of the Abyss is one of the less talked about chapters in the entirety of the history of Berserk. Personally, any questions asked about Griffith’s actual motives, always refer back to this text.

The text depicts the incubated Griffith sinking “Under the weight of all those bodies” . His body is distorted, floating with missing gaps throughout his entire body.

At the lowest point he is in a whirlwind,  and at its core, its a giant heart with many eyes. The hearts Aorta’s is releasing flashes of light. Griffith recognizes this as “God” and questions it by calling it “A lump of flesh”.

Throughout the conversation he had with this “God” is it discovered that it was actually humans that created it. Because of various reasons, including living, and death.

Later, a flummoxed Griffith asks what the “God” wants from him, since it is then told that it manipulates the course of destiny, and weaves the thread of destiny. The god simply replies: “Be as you will”.For whatever Griffith brings from this outcome is the same desire of this god. Whether it be good or evil.

So what does this has to do with the current events happening in Berserk? Plenty.

After the reunion on the Hill of Swords, Griffith encounters Silat, Rakshas, Grunbeld, Locus, Irvine, and Sonia. But then we meet a vital character of the story: Shierke. She used her spiritual form to descent into a bird, in order to get close to the scene. Ultimately concluding; “The king of the blind white sheep is the master of the black sheep with a burden of sins.”  and    “He is the one who shall bring true darkness to the world.”

Which concludes to Griffith is evil, just wait and see.

On the other hand, the visions “sent” by Griffith to the children’s dreams and the Pope with ultimate religious,  and unquestionable influence. With the presence of demons Pre-Falconia, the question emerged from its followers whether or not “The Hawk” can be trusted.  Although due to Sonia’s Clairvoyance, they let themselves become easily persuaded. And ultimately restores Midland or “Falconia”  from the Kushans earning the people’s trust in its entirety. And due to the Winged Crystal the residents of Falconia, are not victims of the monsters from the other dimensions. 

With this it shows that his intentions may be “good”.

However, one thing we have to keep in mind about Berserk is the often use of foreshadowing. Whether manga or the anime, the mixed hints besides Zodd’s warning, or Skull Knight’s are indisputable in regard to the eclipse.

So at the end of this puzzle, we have evidence on both sides of the spectrum. But in the middle we still have to be open to casualty. What if Griffith isnt evil, but just used evil to acquire his dream? We see this pattern time and time again in the romantic novels, Such as Dracula, Frankenstein, The Phantom of the Opera. These characters are not characteristically evil, they just have used evil or it was justified to attempt to obtain what seems impossible.

With the release of  Berserk the Golden Arc Part III: Descent, I wonder if this chapter will be animated?


  • I think a person who uses evil ways to obtain what wants, is definitely evil.

  • This discussion about Griffith being “evil” or not is pointless. Wha he have done to his companions is unforgivable. No matter how much “good” he’s going to do. He exchange them for power, that’s what he have done.

  • I think that Griffith is just selfish. He will do anything to achieve his goal, which is, to take his own kingdom. He is being kind and generous to gather people around him, so he can rule them. He is using everyone, the princess, the pope, the apostles, the soldiers, Sonia, Mule. He doesn’t really care about them, and if he has to sacrifice these folks for his dream, he will do it, like he did with the soldiers who been with him through shit and even risked their necks to save his life. Just as he told to Guts in the hill of swords, “I tought i said. I will take my own country and NOTHING will change that”. I believe his obsession for Guts before the eclipse was exactly like that. He saw Guts gambling with death in the fight against Basuzo. He wanted Guts, someone who stood out among others for being strong, to be below him. It was not love, not friendship, he wanted to manipulate that strong guy. He even told that to the princess, but with another words. And that’s the irony of the story. The pretty guy who everyone follows and loves, is a big son of a bitch while the main character, who gets fucked since the day he born, is seen as villain for everyone except his few friends. That’s my opnion.

    • You say that Griffith used Guts. But it does not explain why Griffith himself mentions and I quote “You were the only one who made me forget my dream.” This quote is on a spread of scene where it shows Griffith and Guts holding each other up after a battle. This is a scene of two friends. Griffith wouldn’t say that Guts was his friend but he definitely acknowledged it. He has this mindset where he has to focus on his dream but he cannot ignore that someone that he ended up caring for. He ended up risking his life for Guts when they encountered Zodd.

      Don’t forget these details that show that Griffith really did care. After his transformation I can’t say that he is human anymore, who knows if he holds those feelings anymore if so then barely.

      This image has two other images that can be selected at the top. These are straight from the manga.
      (First Image, Second Image, Third Image),xTalQLE,oDkt7o3#0

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  • This discusion is useless because Griffith is evil and selfish, what he did to his friends, especially Caska and Guts, is unforgivable and nothing can repair this.

  • Eu tenho esse capitulo do mangá todo traduzido aqui. HAHAHA
    Du Mal

  • IMO, Griffith se deixou manipular pela Mão de Deus, O Deus dos Homens, o “destino” etc etc…

    Antemão, Gatts, que nao tinha conhecimento nem astucia do Griffith apenas disse “foda-se o destino” e continuou sua jornada. 🙂

    Conclusão: Griffith é vítima das circunstancias e seu “sonho” é só uma ferramenta do “Deus dos Homens” (“-faça o que você quiser”…).

  • Eu penso que o Griffith ainda está atras do sonho dele sim, fazendo de tudo o que for possível para alcança-lo, mesmo sacrificando amigos(como já aconteceu), para conseguir mais poder e assim alcançar o que tanto almeja…

    I think Griffith is still behind his dream yes, doing everything we can to reach it, even sacrificing friends (as has happened), to get more power and thus achieve both aims …

  • The real question at hand is…do the ends justify the means?
    In the Bible,God himself caused a flood to destroy all of Earth’s wicked population to cleanse it and bring it back to the original path he intended for man…which still hasn’t worked out so far but that’s off topic.

    In Berserk, a new “god” is given power to judge the wicked. he was an idealistic, he was aware of greater powers surrounding his world while the others were just tools, pawns in a chess game. I see this more as food chain, pretty similar to the animal kingdom and our actual reality where the stronger and smarter usually win.
    if you stop and think it through, think as an idealist, with the power to judge. All his old “comrades” were pagan filth, killers, the very scum of humanity. Maybe Griffith’s ideal was to conquer and change the earth forever, restructuring it with his dream.

    He was willing to sacrifice anything to achieve that. If the ends really justify the means, is something yet to be seen, only Kentaro Miura will let us in on this as the manga unfolds.

    And Guts…where to start with this guy… The world’s most unfortunate victim, but also a killer with no intentions to make the world a better place. This is a fact…he was maybe a more victimized egocentric version of Griffith, and Griffith’s fascination with him maybe came from just that. He saw himself in Guts.
    What Guts is now, is just what his circumstances forced him into, and if he ever changes the world for better or worse, it’s all due to Griffith’s little “push”.

    Well enough of this rambling…just a reminder, at this point, you can’t possibly think of Berserk as a tale of good and evil, the saint hero versus the vile villain.
    It’s a tale about humans and gods, where they are all sinners and have to pay for their actions in whatever way the gods see fit.

    • Absolutely. I feel like berserk just fits into that category of “Grey”. Filled with Anti-heroes. Though it makes a great story.

      • Ideed! 😛
        This is why defining these character as “good” or “evil” is pointless, especially from a moral viewpoint.

  • No matter what happens, in the end, if Griffith don’t die by Gatts hands, i will be disappointed.
    (E devo ter dito algo errado nessa frase…)

    • I don’t think you’re the only one, many would be disappointed. However, im starting to think that this may just be one of those stories in which the “bad” guy is triumphant in the end. For instance, the sequel to “The Princess Bride” the king kills all of the characters one by one as the story progresses.
      So this might just be it. Although its up to be seen.

      • You’re right, definitely Berserk isn’t a fairy-tale that always have a happy ending. Is Gatts going to die? Maybe, honestly I think Gutts destiny is to defy the fate(Or the god of abyss itself) so I will say he wont die.

        I’ll keep my fingers crossed for Griffith die like i did with Corkus (His death was one my favorite moments in manga).

      • At some point of the manga, I can’t precisely say which one, I’ve had the feeling that the story would have a happy ending. Right after the eclipse events, Gutts’ Journey dips into chaos and I definitely had no idea whether the thread of destiny would bring a path of sorrow and loneliness, in which the hero comes upon his goals and fulfills his vengeance.
        However, as the story continues, a new fellowship takes shape arround Gutts, and chaos slowly abandons his path, to embrace the world. Even though his opponents are somewhat unsurpassable, an Midland is in great disorder, it is hard to imagine that the Hero would ever perish. Little by little Gutts grows stronger.
        So, unless Miura choses to draw another blood bath to Gatts’ companions, I believe this saga will be brought to a happy end: An end which represents the triumph of will over fate.

  • its like Arthur said, if he uses evil for his own sake, what is he? what being evil means then?

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      gostei muito do post em ingles, e sinceramente, espero que tenha mais!

      fãs do Berserk deveriam ser bem vindos a uma discução global… seja esse o lugar certo ou não, não deixa de ser uma experiencia interessante.

  • I’ve only watch movie 1 & 2 of golden arc… so far I am loving Griffith. I don’t care “how bad/evil” his personality is. Shiet happens, everyone do what they think is right for them, everyone tries hard to reach for their dream and survive life. In short, I don’t care about morals. I so wish griffith will live and he and guts will happily lived after (~*u*)~

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