The Skull Knight

As long the Berserk has been published, there is one character who intrigues curiosity more than the plot itself: The Skull Knight.

The Skull Knight first appeared, after Guts had dueled Griffith for its freedom. And like the ghost of Hamlets father, a phantasm with a message foreshadowing the inevitable Eclipse, proclaiming the experience was The Death you can not escape. Soon after rescuing Rickert, Skull Knight is encountered by The Count: the slug-like apostle, and an Elf apostle Rosine and her insect like minions.

As the story progresses, we are delighted with the fight between Skull Knight and Zodd Nosferatu. Zodd has been entrusted to be the guardian of the whirling twister Which its eye is the portal to the other dimension in the eclipse Which is summoned. At one point, the Skull Knight Zodd Refers to an enemy, and an Old Friend.

Every single fan has Their own theory of who the Skull Knight is?

Perhaps it is King Gaiseric: The conqueror of the Four regions who took leadership in the Pagan War. Where established small Cities, Houses and Tribes fought continuously. And King Gaiseric Became a mediator, In which united the areas in conflict. The King then sent out for workers in Which to build a new capital. While the King lived in undeniable luxury, the rest of the citizens lived under high taxation. The wrath of God sent four angels to punish the king, and obliterate the capital under heavy clouds and thunder in a single night.

Thus, even in this time of the Rise of King Gaiseric, little was known about him.

This is one theory.

Instead of focusing on its identity, have the wrong questions been asked?

Why does he come to Guts aid, and rescued him from the eclipse?

What was his relationship with Flora? Why did he consult her to keep the Berserker armor? Could it be that she also assembled It? And cursed it, too?

What is his Vendetta with Nosferatu Zodd? And Void from the God Hand?

Also, does he have so much knowledge of the future?

Is the Skull Knight an apostle? Or some other evil/good entity.Although this author would agree with many fans, that The Skull Knight has the best, Badassery back-story in the history of Manga. Perhaps, his other intentions are to be questioned.

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